Bright Suns!

The auction has ended!

Endor Base would like to give our thanks to all who have purchased or bid in our auctions. Your participation helped us to make this auction successful. If you have won an auction, please use the “checkout” function to get your pre-shipping total. Jen or Shelley will contact you soon with your total including shipping. We will be shipping items as soon as possible after payment is received, but please be aware it may take up to a week for your item(s) to be shipped.

Hello, and welcome to the second Endor Base Charity Auction! With the success of our first Rebel Legion-only auction back in August, we’re giving it another go with an exciting bonus: this auction is open to the general public! Tell your friends, and let’s make this successful.

Featuring items donated and created by members of Endor Base and friends of Endor Base, proceeds from this auction will be split between the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation and Toys for Tots (Fresno, CA and Santa Rosa, CA).

Auctions go live at 12:00am/00:00 PST/08:00 UTC on Monday, November 30th and end at 12:00am/00:00 PST/08:00 UTC on Monday, December 7th.

To Note: We have more than one identical item available in some cases. If we have two, one may be listed as auction and the other as Buy It Now. If we have more than that, we may list extras as Buy It Now, and add a new one if/when that particular item has sold. To help keep our workload down (we’ve had some very generous donations!), we will be continuously adding new items through Thursday, December 3rd.


An account is required to place a bid or buy an item. Although an address is requested during the signup/purchasing process, it is not required. The only required information is a username, email address, and password to access your account. Shipping address will only be required when an auction has been won or an item has been purchased via Buy It Now. If you are having trouble registering for an account, please send an email to with your email address and requested username and an account will be created for you within 24 hours.

Additional note on bidding: the system we are using does not have proxy bidding (think how eBay handles their auctions) in place. The amount you put in as your bid will be your bid! For example, if you bid $20 on an auction with a current price of $5, the next person will have to bid more than $20.

Buy It Now

Some of our auctions have a “Buy It Now” option. Due to limitations of the system we are using, “Buy It Now” lots will also have a bidding option. Please be aware that as soon as the price threshold is hit by a bid, the “Buy It Now” option will disappear. We have made the starting bid the same price as the “Buy It Now” price in most cases. By clicking “Buy It Now”, the item will be added to your Cart. You must go through the checkout process in order to officially claim it. You may have more than one “Buy It Now” item in your cart.


The totals listed on the cart/checkout page do not include shipping. All payments will be made through Paypal, to either Endor Base’s Base Commanding Officer Jen (Larirenshadow) or Base Executive Officer Shelley (Shrey). Winning bidders will be contacted by Jen or Shelley via email with shipping options and total payment price with shipping included.


Shipping estimates are based on USPS Flat Rate Priority costs within the US. If you are outside the US or prefer a different shipping method, please let Jen or Shelley know so shipping can be adjusted accordingly. Items that will not fit in a Flat Rate package will be noted, and shipping cost is determined by buyer’s location.

If you are overcharged for shipping, the overage will be either refunded or added to the charity pot total at the buyer’s discretion. Some items may be available for local pickup or delivery depending on location of the buyer. Your shipping address will only be shared with Jen or Shelley, and the person who physically has the item where applicable. The auction page will state where and with whom the item is located.

Please note that while we will be shipping out items as quickly as we can after payment is received, we cannot guarantee it to arrive by a certain date. This is especially true for items that will be commissioned or custom-made for you, in which case the lead time can be anywhere from a few days to several months. In those cases, shipping costs may not be factored in until the item is actually available to send, and may be paid directly to the maker.

Happy Bidding!